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July 23, 2012 - Dallas, TX

IMANA-DFW Partners with ISB-DFW to promote better understanding of Islam and Muslims amongst Physicians

Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA) is the largest organization of Muslim Physicians in the United States with a mission to provide a forum and resources for Muslim physicians and other health care professionals in order to promote a greater awareness of Islamic medical ethics and values. (SEE:

Islamic Speakers Bureau-DFW (ISB-DFW) is a non-profit educational organization that has been conducting cultural diversity seminars for educators, law enforcement agencies, corporate managers, and health care professionals, training for effective working relation ships with American Muslims. (SEE:

In light of the current political environment of American Muslims, a wide range of indicators shows that Islamophobia is at its highest level since the period immediately after 9-11. According to some measures, it has even become worse than it was at that time. This fear-mongering rhetoric negatively affects our fellow Muslim American citizens and portrays them as perpetual hostile suspects instead of our neighbors, allies and decent American citizens.

IMANA-DFW and ISB-DFW believe that an accurate understanding of the operating belief systems can lead directly to successful outcomes in many working environments. In an effort to dispel misconceptions about Islam and Muslims, IMANA-DFW has partnered with Islamic Speakers Bureau-DFW to provide Healthcare training that will reach doctors, nurses, and hospital chaplaincy programs, as they are at the fore front of interaction with American Muslim patients.

The main objectives of the diversity seminars for physicians will be:
 - To promote better understanding and appreciation of the principles of Islamic medicine amongst physicians and dentists.
 - Demonstrate a better understanding of Muslim patient beliefs and practices, particularly those related to health and healthcare
 - Identify and understand Muslim practices that can lead to improved patient-provider relationships
 - Enhance interaction with Muslim patients

To schedule a free diversity seminar, please contact us as follows:

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