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ISB-DFW Certification Process

ISB-DFW DFW conducts free training, certification and speech club workshops for people interested in becoming certified speakers. ISB-DFW will provide you with a Speaker's Kit at the time of the orientation (you may also request the Speaker's Kit by e-mailing: after you complete the training).

The certification process involves 3-steps:
 Step 1. Register for Speaker Orientation and Certification Test 1
 Step 2. Prepare from the Speakers Kit for written Certification Test 2
 Step 3. Shadow veteran speakers and deliver live presentations

Finally, in order to keep your certification active, you must deliver a minimum number of presentations each year and/or attend 50 % of the speech club meetings.

Step 1: Orientation Workshop and Certification Test 1 (Online)

Orientation Workshop:
ISB-DFW's training workshop(s) are a MUST to becoming a certified speaker that involves a 3-step process. A speakers kit (manual) is required for you to become a certified speaker and ISB-DFW will provide you one AFTER you go through the initial speaker orientation workshop. Please send an e-mail to to request a speaker's kit (the kit is copyrighted by ING and you cannot copy or distribute the kit)

You can register for the orientation online:
After you register, we will inform you when the next training will be scheduled.

Certification Test #1:
Certification Test #1 is an open book test that is designed to test your ability to find answers from the speakers kit. The passing score for this test is 75% and you can take the test on the day of the orientation or online within one week after the orientation:

Please note that you can take this test only ONCE online. If you fail, an ISB-DFW training instructor will work with you to make sure you go through the speakers kit and re-take the test again.

Step 2:  Written Certification Test 2

Those who have passed Certification Test #1 are eligible to continue the certification process with the ISB Certification Test #2. This will be closed-book test and consists of open-ended questions and covers the following material from the speakers kit:

* Part I: Presentation Content from both Exploring Muslim Traditions and Practices and Getting to Know American Muslims and their Faith (20 questions, 40 pts)
* Part II: Current Events including key governmental officials (10 questions, 20 pts)
* Part III: FAQs from the Speakers Kit (20 questions, 40 pts)
* Part IV: ING Policies Relating to the First Amendment Center Guidelines (8 questions, 10 pts)

The passing score for this test is 85%. You will be graded on your knowledge of the questions asked, the approach and style of your answers, and your pace in answering the questions. The actual testing is estimated to take about two hours.

You can also register for the Certification Test 2 online:
After you register, we will inform you when and where the Certification Test 2 will be scheduled.

Step 3: Shadowing and Live Demonstration

Finally, for those who pass Certification Test 2, hands-on presentation, speaking skills, and FAQ scenarios will be tested in the presence of certified ISB speakers to conclude the speaker certification process.