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About Us

Islamic Speakers Bureau, DFW (ISB-DFW) is a 501(c)3 non-profit, educational organization based in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. ISB-DFW is an independent affiliate of the Islamic Networks Group (ING.ORG).

Mission Statement
ISB-DFW's mission is to improve religious literacy and foster a better understanding of Muslims and Islam thereby building bridges among Americans of all faiths

Guiding Principles
ISB-DFW subscribes to the principles expressed in the religious clauses of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Our guiding principles are:

  • To provide programs and services that are academic, informative, objective and neutral (ISB-DFW programs are not devotional in nature; we do not proselytize)
  • To promote religious literacy, understanding and mutual respect through on-site presentations, cultural competency seminars and interfaith dialogues
  • To provide face-to-face interactions with Muslim speakers and educators, an approach that is most powerful in overcoming stereotypes and prejudices
  • To build bridges between Americans of all faiths through outreach and by establishing long-term relationships as an effective process for understanding Islam and Muslims
  • To promote religious pluralism and mutual respect by modeling civil dialogue between the diverse religious communities in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area
  • To emphasize our shared values and practices, while helping us understand our differences
  • To work as an ethical and trusted source of information on Islam

Management Team
ISB-DFW is currently managed by a seven member volunteer board and a part time Admin Assistant. In the near future ISB plans to hire a full time executive director and an administrative assistant to supplement and expand the education of Islam in the greater DFW area.  ISB also has several core volunteers and speakers who help out in various tasks and activities.

Our Speakers

Each year ISB-DFW certifies a number of speakers to present on a variety of topics related to Islam and Muslims. All of our speakers are volunteer speakers that are at the core of our program.

  •  ISB-DFW speakers are certified after a rigorous process of professional development, testing and evaluation.
  • ISB-DFW speakers use scholarly developed, time-tested materials to deliver presentations in middle and high schools and other public and private organizations.
  • ISB-DFW speakers adhere to the First Amendment Center's guidelines on teaching about religion in the public space. For more information on the guidelines, visit

Presentations offered by ISB-DFW

  • Islam 101 - Gives an overview about beliefs, practices, demographics, holidays and culture.
    • Exploring Muslim Traditions and Practices
    • Getting to Know American Muslims and Their Faith - 45 minutes
    • Getting to Know American Muslims and Their Faith - 90 minutes
  • Women in Islam - Focuses on the rights and responsibilities given to women in Islam.
  • Roots of Muslims in America - Covers the historical presence of Muslims in America.
  • Islamic Contribution to Civilization - This eye-opening presentation begins with a review of the Dark Ages and moves forward through time noting the contributions Muslims have made to our society throughout history.
  • Competency Training: Muslims and Arabs to Law Enforcement - Training provides a basic understanding of Islam and addresses the appropriate etiquette needed to deal with Muslims.
  • Teacher and Administrator Workshop: Understanding Muslim Students - This workshop is geared towards any teacher or administrator working with Muslim students from elementary to high school. It provides an overview of Islam and also provides helpful hints on how best to work with Muslim students.
  • Healthcare Providers Training: Healthcare for Muslim Patients - This training provides concrete guidelines on how to work with Muslim patients. Medical topics including labor and delivery and end-of-life issues are reviewed in this presentation.
  • Corporate Training for Managers and Employees - Provides an understanding about Muslims in the workplace.

Each of our presentations are customized to fit the needs of the hosting organization and are designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Correct any misinformation about Islam
  • Give an overview on Islamic beliefs and practices
  • Provide tailored information about Muslims as it relates to the needs of the host organization
  • Foster a sustainable relationship between institutions and the local Muslim community

Contact us to learn more or fill out the speaker request form to request a speaker for your school/organization.