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Who we are?
Islamic Speakers Bureau, Dallas/Fort Worth (ISB-DFW), is a non-profit educational entity that promotes religious literacy, mutual respect, and understanding through free on-site presentations, cultural competency seminars and interfaith dialogues. 

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Please support us so that we can carry out our mission and objectives. ISB-DFW is a 501c(3) non-profit organization and your donations are fully tax-deductible (Tax-ID: 27-5454639).

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What do we do?
ISB-DFW provides face-to-face interactions with American Muslim speakers and educators, an approach that is most powerful in overcoming stereotypes and prejudices. All our presentations include basic overviews of Islamic beliefs, practices, and Muslim traditions in addition to interactive sessions with the audience to answer questions about Islam and Muslims.

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Please contact us to schedule a free presentation today !
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   - You can also send us an e-mail:  or call us: (972) 652-0786

Our Programs
ISB-DFW utilizes scholarly developed and time-tested materials to deliver presentations in schools, colleges and universities, law enforcement agencies, corporations, healthcare facilities, faith-based and community organizations. The presentations for schools, colleges and universities are aimed at supplementing the teaching of Islam and Muslims in the context of social studies and world history curriculum or cultural diversity programming. Other presentations promote interfaith dialogue and education about world religions.

ISB-DFW provides programs and services that are academic, informative, objective and neutral. ISB-DFW programs are not devotional in nature; we do not proselytize.

ISB-DFW also collaborates with Islamic Centers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to facilitate Mosque Open Houses with live presentations, Q&A sessions and observance of prayer services.

Our Speakers?

  • All ISB speakers are certified after a rigorous process of professional development, testing and evaluation.
  • All ISB speakers use scholarly developed, time-tested materials to deliver presentations in middle and high schools and other public and private organizations.
  • All ISB speakers adhere to the First Amendment Center's guidelines on teaching about religion in the public space. For more information on the guidelines, visit